Extron Introduces Vector 4K Scaling Technology

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Extron Introduces Vector 4K Scaling Technology
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Anaheim, California (November 12, 2015) - Extron Electronics is pleased to announce Vector 4K, the latest generation of Extron scaling engines specifically engineered for critical-quality 4K signal processing and the most demanding 4K applications. For over 20 years, Extron has been engineering scaling and signal processing solutions that deliver uncompromised image quality and performance. As a result, Extron has become an industry leader in scaling technology, designing best-in-class products renowned for their quality, reliability, and ease of use. The Vector 4K scaling engine delivers the power and precision required to manage the high pixel counts of today's 4K displays and content, whether providing clean, upscaled images when integrating legacy sources with 4K displays, or faithfully rendering a source's detail and integrity when downscaling 4K content to HD displays.

"Delivering the best customer support always begins with having the right products for our customers, engineered by Extron from the ground up to meet our standards for the best possible quality and performance," says Andrew Edwards, President of Extron. "Our no-compromise approach to engineering extends to the scaling engines and video processing algorithms we've developed over the years leading up to Vector 4K, which delivers the highest level of image quality for 4K applications."

Vector 4K was developed internally by Extron's expert team of signal processing engineers. Extron engineers have crafted patented image processing technologies that set the industry benchmark for visual performance. Features such as bicubic scaling, 30-bit color depth, and 4:4:4 chroma sampling ensure very high image quality while preserving detail present in the original source material. With scaling technology developed in-house, Extron can design to exacting specifications and have absolute control over the end product.

In addition to advanced video processing, Vector 4K delivers consistent, reliable performance that takes the guesswork out of signal capture and source management. Featuring the industry's most accurate source capture technology, and the ability to manually adjust image parameters with fine precision, even the most unique signal formats are displayed with speed and dependability. Additionally, scalers and video processors with Vector 4K scaling include a variety of convenient, user-friendly features, such as EDID and HDCP management that streamline integration and optimize system performance.

Vector 4K scaling technology is featured in the Extron DTP CrossPoint 4K Series of scaling presentation matrix switchers, as well as the Extron XTP SFR HD 4K fiber optic scaling receiver.

For more information on Vector 4K, please visit: www.extron.com/vector4kpr

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