Extron SMP 351 Wins Worship Facilities Best Streaming Product Award

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Extron SMP 351 Wins Worship Facilities Best Streaming Product Award
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Anaheim, California (November 19, 2015) - Extron Electronics is proud to announce that the SMP 351 Streaming Media Processor was honored with the Worship Facilities' New Product Award in the Best Podcasting, Webcasting, or Streaming Product category. The Worship Facilities New Product Awards recognize the best tools, software, and products used in today's House of Worship marketplace.

"We are very pleased that the SMP 351 has been recognized as the best streaming product for the House of Worship Market," says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. "With its ability to capture live video and stream to overflow rooms or satellite churches, while simultaneously recording services for archival and future playback, the SMP 351 is an ideal tool for growing congregations to better connect with members and the greater community."

Requiring no license fees, the SMP 351 is a flexible, cost-effective media processor for delivering dynamic presentations to a larger audience. It is ideal for any environment where AV sources are streamed live or recorded, and where multiple sources are combined with two-window processing for an enhanced viewing experience. Accepting HDMI, component, composite, and optional 3G-SDI signals, the SMP 351 can record and stream simultaneously and can stream at two different resolutions and bit rates concurrently, using a range of transport protocols and session management options. The SMP 351 incorporates Extron's integration-friendly FlexOS, a flexible platform for automating system operation, making it easy to control and operate.

To watch a product introduction video, please visit: www.extron.com/smp351nsvideo

For more information on the SMP 351, please visit: www.extron.com/smp351nspr

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